Some gig lineups are just too good to miss and this one just released by The Leadmill is definitely one of those.

October Drift are to headline The Leadmill on Saturday 2nd April with a terrific lineup of supports including The Slow Readers Club, Deadset Dream, and Four Authors who are all headline bands in their own right..

Is this really happening? Are the boys back? We look at Milburn's imminent return..

Well well well... look what's happening. 

It seems that the unthinkable is happening and Joe Carnall, Louis Carnall, Joe Green and Tom Rowley could actually really be reforming to bring fans favourite Milburn back together.

The Sherlocks give a massive two fingers up to haters as they march onwards and upwards in 2016..

As we enter the new year and embrace 2016 with an open mind and an enthusiastic heart, one band who already have a bigger year ahead of them is The Sherlocks..

Sheffield electronic artist Johnjo Keen announced on his social media today that he was to give up his music career in favour of a more balanced life.

We all know Johnjo Keen in one way or another. Whether it's watching his live performances at the O2 Academy, West Street Live or Plug, or checking out his videos on Youtube or just through conversation on social media..

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